Misconception about Chiropractic Care


Many people in Fort Worth (Keller) have the misconception that all chiropractors are the same. People are used to having a chiropractor do little to no exams prior to adjusting them. These patients then receive the same 7 areas of random manipulation over and over, each time and getting marginal results. We are completely different.

The residents of Fort Worth (Keller) can’t expect to be well in one visit! One of the saddest things is to see someone who could have been helped by Chiropractic discontinue care after one visit because their pain wasn’t “instantly” better. Chiropractic is very effective but healing spinal injuries takes time. One in a hundred cases will have an experience where their symptoms improve greatly after their first visit but this is not predictable and should never be expected. If you have this expectation please don’t seek care at our office. We will give you the absolute best care we can but can not promise instant relief.

If you would like to see just what makes us so unique from all other chiropractors and experience Gonstead Chiropractic in Fort Worth, Keller for yourself, call our office at (817) 562-8855.

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