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Welcome to Thrive Chiropractic located in Keller, Tx. Chiropractic is one of the most amazing healthcare professions, but very few people understand what it’s all about. Let us help you gain a basic understanding of how we can help you and your family.

Providing Life-Changing Solutions

Your care is reviewed, analyzed, and planned so you get the outcome you want and deserve, and so you can truly thrive on your journey to health.

Modern, Cutting Edge Approach

 Thrive Chiropractic is among the most technologically advanced chiropractic clinics in the region. We utilize the Gonstead System Analysis (GSA) and thermography to design customized, comprehensive care for you and your family.


Caring, Comfortable Environment

We honor the needs and well being of every practice member and strive to make sure the experience in our office is caring, comfortable and personal so you can heal and function at your highest level.


Our Unique Approach

Dr. Johnny Nguyen is one in a few chiropractors in Texas trained and proficient in the Gonstead system for Structural Correction. What does that mean for you as a patient?

Objective & Thorough Assessment – Pre and post analysis so you can feel the difference

Precise, Effective and Powerful Corrections – Specific to that individual patient. You want Results and Corrections that will last.

Transparency – No word games about your insurance coverage. Just honest and up front answers about your care, your results, and your dollars.

No Gimmicks or Year Long Commitments

Experience the Gonstead Difference!

Since 1923, the all-encompassing systematic approach of the Gonstead system has transformed chiropractic and stood the test of time. The Gonstead system is is taught in various chiropractic schools around the world and earned the reputation as one of the most effective hands on means for Structural Correction and reducing nerve pressure.








Hank H.

I have had minor back pain for 50 years. But on January 14, 2020, I developed level 8-9 leg pain. In a wheelchair most of 12 weeks. A neurologist and an orthopedic surgeon could not find any problems. Not able to stand the pain any longer I went to see Johnny. After just 3 treatments my leg pain was down to a level 2 - 3. I am now pain-free and back to functioning normally. With proper back alignment I now feel better than ever.

Annabel H.

I came to him with problems of my heels, lower back and neck. I had been dealing with these issues a little over 2 years. My right leg would be numb at times and then my left side of face was completely paralyzed. Due to the pain, it made it hard for me to sleep at night and to stand. Dr. Nguyen was able to care of my primary condition and not just give temporary relief - but complete healing.

Jose B.

A year ago I was suffering from lower, mid, and upper back pain. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Nguyen and I decided to visit him. He was really helpful and even worked on my knees. Now, I feel great and highly recommend Dr. Nguyen!

Dean H.

I was starting my first year as cross country captain but had to put pause because of lower back issues preventing me to run. Dr. Nguyen not only restored my ability to run, but improved my running and lifestyle. Thanks to him I was able to run faster and was able to qualify to go cross country regionals, becoming to first individual to qualify for a regional event in my school!

Ruben U.

I had been living with pain for 24 years in my lower back. It was so bad I could not even go to work or even think about not going on vacation with my family. I was scheduled for surgery 3 different times. I saw Dr. Nguyen after someone referred me to him. After a couple of adjustments, I went from having pain all the time to almost no pain.  He truly does something so unique and can help you even after you lost hope.

Trent V.

I was in extreme pain and he got me back to normal and feel great in no time. He took my case and made time when others would not, I travel 50 min one way for every visit, because he is worth it. He truly cares if you want the best then go see him. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Nguyen!

Javier O.

After trying several different options I finally found an effective and affordable solution to a lower back problem. Thrive Chiropractic and Dr. Nguyen have provided the opportunity to live a pain free life!

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