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Here at Thrive Chiropractic, we believe in using ALL of the available information to make a decision concerning someone’s health. Our team utilizes the Gonstead System Analysis (GSA) and thermography to design customized, comprehensive care for you and your family.


Our Unique

Your care is reviewed, analyzed, and planned so you get
the outcome you want and deserve, and so you can truly
thrive on your journey to health.

Objective & Thorough Assessment

Pre and post-analysis so you can feel the difference and heal at the highest level.

Effective & Powerful Corrections

Specific to that individual patient.
Results and Corrections that will last.


Honest and up-front answers about your care, ​​​​​​​your results, and your dollars.

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Dr. Johnny Nguyen
Dr. Johnny Nguyen

Doctor of Chiropractic

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Dr. Stephany Uc
Dr. Stephany Uc

Doctor of Chiropractic

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Patient Care Coordinator

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At Thrive Chiropractic, we believe you should have an opportunity to discover if our practice is right for you.
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