What is pain telling your body?

Is pain an indicator that something is wrong?

Yes and no. Pain is usually the last indicator that tells us something is wrong. This is why we don’t 💥chase💥 pain. A person can come into the office with a severe headache, get their pelvis adjusted and the headache immediately goes away (true story). This lets us know that many factors play a role when a dysfunction is present.

Others can have chronic issues and the body “numbs” the issue and when a correction is made and function is improved, they start to feel again- could be sensation returning or even pain. Going from numbness to feeling sensation is a sign of improvement, no matter how uncomfortable the sensation may feel.

This is why we use the nervoscope in our office. It helps us detect where the nerve irritation is present and allows us to make these corrections to help you function better. Your journey to Health may be different from others in the office, but our goal remains the same for everyone.

According to psychosmaticpain.com:
“Pain: your body’s way of grabbing your attention. Understanding psychosomatic pain helps to first understand why we feel any pain. Pain is usually useful – it grabs our attention, telling us something is wrong so maybe we should do something about it. Pain tells you to pull your hand back from the stove burner, rest after breaking your ankle, or not eat those poisonous berries ever again. The problem with psychosomatic pain is that sometimes it isn’t clear what your pain is telling you.  For example, a tension headache doesn’t indicate that something is physically attacking your forehead but rather that you might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or tired.

Responding to your psychosomatic pain So next time you’re feeling pain, how do you determine what it is telling you?  We’ll next turn to some simple steps to figure it out.

Step 1: Check for a physical component

Step 2: Check for emotions and life stressors

Step 3: Decipher which part of the stressor is external, and which part is internal”

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