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Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Johnny Nguyen

Your Trusted Gonstead Chiropractor in Keller, Texas

Dr. Johnny Nguyen, a board-certified Gonstead Chiropractor, is renowned for his expertise in providing comprehensive and individualized care to patients of all ages. His treatment approach centers on structural corrections using the Gonstead System Analysis (GSA), ensuring you receive more than just symptomatic relief. With Dr. Nguyen, you can expect to elevate your entire health profile and truly thrive.'

As the founder of Thrive Chiropractic, Dr. Nguyen works alongside his wife, Dr. Stephany Uc, offering a team-based approach to wellness. This collaboration has earned them recognition as the #1 chiropractic team in Keller, Texas by Living Magazine 2022, with additional features in Voyage Dallas and Canvas Rebel.

Dr. Nguyen began his professional journey early, earning his chiropractic degree at just twenty-four. From that point on, he has focused his career on helping his patients feel their best, with a special interest in treating complex neurological cases.

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, Dr. Nguyen completed his undergraduate studies at the University of New Orleans before moving to Dallas to attend Parker University. There, he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and received the "Clinical Excellence Award." His passion for the field extended beyond his studies, leading him to establish and preside over the Gonstead Club at Parker. He devoted his weekends to attending chiropractic seminars and learning from successful chiropractors across the nation.

Dr. Nguyen loves learning about the human body, and this passion is a big part of his work. He's particularly interested in understanding how the spine, nervous system, and overall health are connected. This interest guides his focus on structural chiropractic care, helping him provide the best care for his patients.

Outside his clinic, Dr. Nguyen relishes his role as a devoted husband and is deeply engaged in nurturing the foundations of his family life. His passion for learning extends beyond his professional obligations, making him an avid reader with a diverse range of interests. To keep himself physically tuned, he cherishes lifting weights and is a keen advocate of regular exercise. His spiritual fervor finds a fulfilling outlet in his active participation in church ministry.

His personal conviction, grounded in the belief that God has intricately designed our bodies with an intrinsic ability to heal, resonates deeply with his professional ethos of promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This interplay between his faith and profession beautifully complements his empathetic and holistic approach to chiropractic care. The deeply-rooted faith that guides his life and work positions Dr. Nguyen as more than just a chiropractor; he becomes a conduit of healing, aligning his practice with the divine intent of fostering health and well-being.

Dr. Stephany

Dr. Stephany Uc

Doctor of Chiropractic | Chiropractors In Keller

Dr. Stephany Uc (pronounced oo-k), a first-generation chiropractor, embarked on her healthcare journey with an unconventional start. After graduating from Rockwall High School at 16 and earning her bachelor's degree from Austin College at 20, she initially aimed for Medical School. However, God had other plans.

Taking a break from academia, she served as an EMT-B for two private ambulance companies, an experience that enriched her understanding of patient care. However, it was her father's car accident that kindled her passion for Holistic Care, leading her to Parker University.

Dr. Stephany was immediately drawn to the systematic approach of Gonstead Chiropractic, which focuses on identifying the primary causes of health conditions. While studying at Parker, she played a significant role on the Gonstead Club's Leadership Team, inspiring and nurturing fellow students' passion for chiropractic care.

Today, Dr. Stephany is a dedicated member of the Keller community, regularly hosting educational talks to stress the importance of preventative care. Committed to staying updated with the latest in healthcare, she frequently attends seminars and continuous learning programs. As one of Keller's top-rated professional chiropractors, Dr. Stephany shares her extensive knowledge with the community, aiming to inform and inspire.

Working alongside her husband, Dr. Johnny Nguyen, Dr. Stephany also mentors Gonstead students from Parker University. Their shared passion for community service extends beyond their professional lives, reflected in their active roles in various church ministries.

Dr. Stephany's deeply rooted faith resonates with her professional commitment to holistic care. She firmly believes that God has designed our bodies with the innate ability to heal, a conviction that shapes her approach to chiropractic care. This belief positions her as more than a chiropractor; she becomes a vessel of healing, aligning her practice with the divine purpose of fostering health and well-being.

Mallorie Wilburn

Gonstead Intern

Mallorie Wilburn has a great passion for holistic living and preventative care. Through her personal experience with chiropractic, she has developed a desire to help others feel their best. Away from the office, Mallorie has a thriving passion for plants, essential oils, and nature.

With a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Mallorie understands how important daily exercises, healthy lifestyles, and good habits are and how they affect the body long-term. Physical activity is something that is valued and implemented in her everyday life through yoga, sports, and strength training.

She believes that the body is self-healing, and that God has intended and designed us in that unique and special way. As a dedicated intern, Mallorie is excited to witness and be a part of each patient's testimony of healing and well-being through the countless benefits of chiropractic.

Nikki Little

Care Coordinator

​​​​​​​Meet Nikki, a passionate advocate for holistic health. Diagnosed with Lyme disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome in high school, Nikki embarked on a journey to find healing. She delved into holistic health, reading books, exploring the link between diet and well-being, and seeking advice from alternative practitioners. In 2018, Nikki became a certified holistic health coach, driven by her fascination with the connection between the nervous system and overall health. She firmly believes that our emotions play a crucial role in our physical well-being.

Rooted in her faith, Nikki finds strength and solace in her relationship with Jesus, whom she sees as the ultimate healer. Outside of work, Nikki enjoys spending time with her husband Gabriel and their dog Lily. She expresses her creativity through music, playing piano and guitar, and delights in baking. With a heart dedicated to growth and service, Nikki has the goal of becoming a lymphatic massage therapist to further support others struggling with chronic illness on their journey to healing.

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