Meet The Team

Dr. Nguyen

Dr. Johnny Nguyen

Doctor of Chiropractic

Johnny Nguyen, D.C. is a board-certified Gonstead Chiropractor in Keller, Texas, and works with kids of all ages from newborns to teens, prenatal/postpartum stay-at-home moms, and adults. Dr. Nguyen focuses on structural corrections using the Gonstead System Analysis (GSA). Dr. Nguyen collaborates with professionals, athletes, and their families to optimize their spinal health by providing comprehensive and individualized care. Dr. Nguyen founded Thrive Chiropractic and now serves together with his wife, Dr. Stephany Uc.

Dr. Nguyen, along with Dr. Stephany, has been ranked by Living Magazine 2022 as the #1 and best chiropractor in Keller (Fort Worth), Texas. In addition, Dr. Nguyen was featured in Voyage Dallas and Canvas Rebel. Since earning his doctor of chiropractic degree at the age of twenty-four, Dr. Nguyen has dedicated his career to patient care and wellness with an area of focus on working with complex neurological cases.

Dr. Nguyen was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and attended the University of New Orleans. He then moved to Dallas to attend Parker University where he graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree and was awarded the “Clinical Excellence Award”. During his time at Parker, Dr. Nguyen was heavily involved in creating and leading the Gonstead Club as president. He spent weekends attending chiropractic seminars and visiting successful chiropractors across the nation.

Dr. Nguyen has always loved learning and furthering his knowledge base about any topic, especially when it comes to the function of the human body. He is passionate about understanding all there is to know about how the structure of the spine affects the nervous system in order to give his patients the best care possible. This foundation in the science of the nervous system led to his focus on structural chiropractic care.

Dr. Stephany

Dr. Stephany Uc

Doctor of Chiropractic | Chiropractors In Keller

​​​​​​​Dr. Stephany Uc (pronounced oo-k) is a first-generation chiropractor in her family. She graduated from Rockwall High School at the age of 16 and attended Austin College in Sherman, Texas shortly after. She obtained her bachelor's at the age of 20 with every intention of attending Medical School. However, she took some time off from school and worked as an EMT-B for two private ambulance companies.

Unexpectedly, she attended Parker University 3 years later after her father had gotten into a car accident. This is where her passion for Holistic Care began. She fell in love with Gonstead Chiropractic and its systematic approach to finding primary causes of conditions. She became part of the Leadership Team of the Gonstead Club while attending school and helped others pursue their passion.

Dr. Stephany continues to further her knowledge by attending seminars and staying updated on new developments in healthcare. She continues to educate individuals on the importance of preventative care and she hopes to share her knowledge with those around her. She hosts many educational talks in the Keller community and is also widely recognized as one of the best professional chiropractors in Keller.

Dr. Stephany, along with her husband Dr. Johnny Nguyen, mentors several Gonstead students from Parker University and are both youth leaders at Aliento de Vida Ministries. They both have a passion for helping develop leaders in the community.

Dr. Marisol

Marisol Garcia

Patient Care Coordinator

Marisol has always had a passion for helping others. She is a native of California and has settled in the great state of Texas! While in California, she gained countless experiences from Eisenhower Medical Center which is a Not-For-Profit hospital in the Coachella Valley of Southeastern California. Marisol served as the Patient Administrative Specialist and now has transitioned to the Patient Care Coordinator at Thrive Chiropractic.

Marisol handles all daily operations such as scheduling and making sure patient flow is running smoothly. She does not skip a beat when it comes to customer service and gives 100% to serving others.

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