Structural vs Traditional Chiropractic


Our Distinctive Approach

To appreciate what sets Thrive Chiropractic apart, it's crucial to understand the objectives of traditional chiropractic care. Traditional chiropractic is highly effective at easing muscle spasms, enhancing range of motion, and providing temporary pain relief. Many chiropractors excel in this practice style, offering symptom relief or management - a type of care we often refer to as "Band-Aid® care".

However, at Thrive Chiropractic in Keller, Fort Worth, we strive for more. We focus on Structural Corrective Care, targeting the root causes of your symptoms rather than simply alleviating them.

The Nervous System: The Master Controller

The nervous system governs all bodily functions, protected by the bony segments of the spine. When one of these spinal bones shifts out of its correct position - a condition we call a Structural Shift - it can lead to inflammation and swelling of the surrounding tissues. This change can interfere with the nervous system and potentially trigger secondary conditions, such as degenerative changes and arthritis within the spine.

The Thrive Chiropractic Solution: Structural Examination and Corrective Adjustments

Our approach at Thrive Chiropractic involves an in-depth Structural Examination to pinpoint any dysfunction within the spine. Once identified, we apply specific Corrective Adjustments to rectify these issues, focusing on long-term structural integrity rather than short-term symptom relief.

Structural Care: A Long-term Solution

Structural Care may not be for everyone. However, if you're seeking a lasting solution rather than temporary symptom relief, you'll find our approach refreshing. Our thorough Structural Examination procedures provide us with a detailed understanding of your condition, helping us answer three critical questions:

  1. Can we assist you?
  2. How long might your recovery process take?
  3. What steps can we take to improve your overall health?
The results we achieve at Thrive Chiropractic are tangible - changes you can not only FEEL but also SEE through our follow-up examination procedures.

Maintaining Your Progress

Once your spinal structure is normalized, our aim is to equip you with the necessary tools to maintain your progress, preventing the recurrence of secondary conditions. We're committed to ensuring your journey to optimal health is a lasting one.

By focusing on the structural integrity of your spine, we at Thrive Chiropractic aim to offer a more comprehensive, long-term solution to your health concerns. This Structural Corrective Care approach is what distinguishes us as leading chiropractors in Keller, Fort Worth.

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