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    5 star review  I definitely recommend Thrive Chiropractic to everyone. Dr. Nguyen is a professional, during my appointments he has always taken the time to explain every step and the reason why. My neck and lower back was really giving me a hard time, to the point it was difficult to perform simple task and do my job. Dr. Nguyen was able to find the cause of these pains and now I’m feeling great. Hard to explain but I’m getting better range of movement, even walking feels different, no more back or neck pain. I’ll be recommending all my friend and family to Thrive Chiropractic.

    thumb Woodrow Le

    5 star review  I really liked the way I was treated. I would strongly recommend Stephany cause she never made me feel rushed and she gave me extra information that others Chiropractics have never shared with me before cause many others in the past had only stuck to the cracking your neck and back and get out. But she really listened and the best thing it’s that the pain I had for 2 years and nobody could do anything she was able to help for the pain to go away like a 80-90% of total recovery. Btw GOD Bless anybody who reads this review !!

    thumb christian sanchez

    5 star review  Hello, I am a truck driver. I drive so many hours, so I started to have pain on my left shoulder. I’ve known Dr. Uc for so many years, so I told her my pain and she took me as a patient. She would give me advice on how to sit, how to position my legs. I started treatment with her due to my pain. After her treating me, the pain slowly went away. My posture was much better! Thank you Dr. Stephany Uc!

    thumb cesar contreras

    5 star review  Highly recommend thrive. I have always had back problems and pains up and down my back. I started going to thrive and within the second week I could already feel a dramatic decrease in pain. 10/10 would recommend them.- Cole Rowlett.

    thumb LoneStar_Diesel

    5 star review  Dr. Nguyen is the man! Prior to me going in for treatment I was in severe back pain. I would struggle to get in/out of my car, couldn't bend down to pick something up off the floor and was frustrated that my back pain was preventing me to do everyday activities. When I visited Thrive Chiropractic, Dr. Nguyen walked me through the whole process and explained everything in detail. I went forward with the treatment and after the first session with Dr. Nguyen I felt immediate relief! I would definitely recommend him to anyone with back pain. Thanks Dr. Nguyen!

    thumb Mike Garcia
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